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    The investment is worth every penny…. I had an experience with one of my kids in college. Someone broke into their apartment and stole his laptop and his roommates …  Guess who got his laptop back and who didn’t? From that experience now that I purchased a new laptop, I made sure I activated it. I hope you learned from my mistakes…

    Found and Recovered my laptop! We are so excited to have our laptop back! The computer was only 3 mos old when stolen so what a relief to hear that they were tracking our computer and then later notified that it had been recovered. Worth every penny!! Thank you Absolute Software Team for your work in returning our laptop to us and just before Christmas!! :)

    Peace of mind if something should happen. I have had the fortune to not have to use (it) but the peace of mind in knowing my laptop is protected is priceless.

    Absolute Retrieved my stolen phone! My phone was stolen right off my desk and Absolute got one of their lead investigators on the case, who was able to track my phone and work with local police departments to retrieve it. I had my phone back in my hands before I even considered replacing it! Without this product, my phone would still be missing and I would’ve had to purchase a new device. I highly recommend to anyone. You never know what could happen to your valuables and you never know how much you rely on these devices until they are gone and untrackable!