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Absolute Home & Office is the only persistent security solution that can
track and recover stolen devices, and provide features that protect your personal information.

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Don’t Just Track Your Lost or Stolen Device.


Recovering a stolen device can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Absolute makes your digital life a lot easier by utilizing the only Investigations Team in the industry that works for you. Our track record of recovering over 50,000 devices in more than 120 countries means protecting your digital life just got a lot easier.

Protect Your Information.

Possibly more important than your device itself is the information it contains. Sometimes you don’t know if your device has been misplaced, lost or stolen. The LOCK feature allows you to remotely freeze your device at the touch of a button. Just in case.

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Prevent Identity Theft.

Recovering a device is never a sure thing. With identify theft on the rise your personal information can be hijacked with unimaginable consequences. Absolute Home & Office allows you to remotely and permanently delete sensitive files and personal information from your device, providing true digital peace of mind.

Regardless of it’s Global Location.

Whether you left your device at a local coffee spot or it was stolen from your car during an outing, business trip, or vacation, Absolute can help you locate its last known location. Using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and IP geolocation, Absolute can help you decide the best next steps to recover your device.

Undeletable Security With Absolute Persistence

Built into the BIOS or firmware during the manufacturing process of the leading device manufacturers, Absolute is able to provide its customers with the only security solution that can withstand a factory reset, installation of a new OS or even a complete hard drive replacement. Total device security never felt this good.

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Get Peace of Mind With a Deeper Level of Protection

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What Our Customers Say About Us

One day after another long work day, I came home tired to find my home was burglarized and my laptop was stolen, the most expensive item I owned. I had Absolute Home and Office on it, and one day a few months later I was notified by the police that they had retrieved my laptop successfully. I was amazed, and now am looking at adding this service to a number of devices as it is the least one can do considering the investment one makes into computer equipment – the stuff is not cheap, so you might as well protect it! Highly recommend this service.

Peace of mind. A few years ago our house was robbed. The bad guys were seen leaving our house but the police were unable to track them down. We lost three laptops that day. Now all our laptops are protected with [Absolute Software]. I have peace of mind that we have a better chance of recovering our laptops and catching the bad guys. Absolute Home and Office is the product you should have!

Recovered in Italy returned to USA. My computer was stolen in Florence Italy in July. It began sending signals in November and the Absolute team in Europe picked it up. They coordinated with the Florence State police and I received the computer back the following April. I personally want to thank Gina of Absolute European Service for keeping me updated on the progress of the recovery. Never expected such a great service at that low price.

Very reliable product! I work in law enforcement and have had several opportunities to deal with the Absolute Home and Office product. Recoveries are very quick with great support from the Absolute Software staff. It is well worth the price as opposed to buying a new computer. I also have this product on my own computers as well as computers owned by our Sheriffs Department.

System Requirements

PC System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® 10
(32 & 64-bit versions)

NOT compatible with Apple iOS/iPadOS and Android Google devices

Mac System Requirements

Apple MacOS 10.13
(High Sierra) and above

For more system requirements-related details, please visit our Support Page.

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