Even an alias can’t keep the Absolute Investigations team from the truth.

Case Number: 1K3F5E | Days to recover: 48 | Location: NY, USA Details: Theft from Vehicle | Investigator: Dean M.

Report: The laptop in this case was reported stolen from the victim’s car and Absolute Software was notified within about a week. When the Absolute Investigations team began monitoring the device, Absolute Forensic Tools identified a suspected user who was initially using only a music industry alias. Determined to close the case, the Investigator continued collecting information and was eventually rewarded with hard evidence of the user’s true identity. With the data on file, the report was transferred to local law enforcement in the area. The detective assigned to the case has worked with Absolute Home and Office more than 30 times and easily recovered the stolen laptop. The end user would not disclose where he had purchased the device, nor from whom, but stated that it had been bought in a street deal.