In addition to recovering this stolen laptop, a dangerous felon was taken off the streets.

Case Number: 9F4B2 | Days to recover: 104 | Location: California, USA | Details: Theft from Vehicle | Investigator: Gerald H.

Report: While unloading groceries, the victim’s laptop was stolen from the vehicle. After the theft report was relayed to the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services Team, forensic tools and research revealed the suspected user was a known felon with gang associations. Armed with a search warrant, the detective assigned to the case discovered several items in the suspect’s vehicle that were believed to be stolen property, and a search of the residence uncovered the victim’s missing laptop. Not only was the stolen device recovered, but many prohibited items were found at the suspect’s residence, including several firearms, ammunition, and body armor. The suspect was arrested on multiple charges along with a second offender found inside the residence.